Our services

With our services, you benefit from all the advantages of professional coating thickness measurement for your own products – without any investment costs! This offers your company considerable optimisation potential and the opportunity to intensively expand your quality assurance. The bottom line is that you make significant savings in materials and, above all, costs.

The PaintChecker industrial systems and the PaintChecker mobile handheld devices are the building blocks of our coordinated portfolio of services with which we cover the entire field of industrial coating thickness measurement. We pride ourselves on our uniform measurement methods, continuous processes and a seamless flow of data across all production levels from the laboratory to the production line and all the way to quality assurance.


Thanks to our many years of experience, you can benefit from our extensive coating thickness measurement expertise throughout the entire product life cycle. We work with you to develop the ideal measuring concept during the early stages and advise you when selecting the most suitable measuring devices.

Project planning

Our flexible, contactless measuring systems offer several sensor heads with different light sources for all aspects of coating thickness − according to individual needs.

Project planning is of crucial importance, because at this stage of the project lifecycle, the appropriate solution is carefully selected based on specific features of the manufacturing process and environment.

We create a meaningful and efficiently-coordinated measurement concept as an integral solution from a single source, which can be adapted and enhanced at any time.

Measurement system analysis (MSA)

The measurement system analysis (MSA) is used to check whether the measuring equipment and systems used meet the measurement requirements . This means that the MSA proves whether the measured characteristic values reflect reality to a sufficiently reliable degree.

An MSA must be carried out before new measuring systems are commissioned. In addition, it should be carried out if the measuring system has been significantly changed, e.g. if the system has been set up at a different location or if components that influence each other have changed.

Evidence of the capability of a measuring system can be provided using three different methods:

  • MSA 1 checks whether a new or modified measuring system is suitable
  • MSA 2 assesses new and existing measuring systems before the acceptance test at the final installation site
  • MSA 3 for fully automatic measuring devices or multi-point measuring devices

We support you with the test procedures MSA 1, 2 and 3, and are also at your disposal for advice and assistance in quality assurance.

Customer-specific calibration

Photothermal measurements are relatively insensitive to disturbances and process fluctuations such as magnetic fields, sensor alignment, component curvature and the thickness of the substrate. The system calibrations included in the scope of delivery can be used for coatings of the same type with a very high level of accuracy and also provide good results for similar materials. We would be happy to create customer-specific calibrations for you for completely new material combinations.

Much more frequent are deviations that are not due to the measuring method but are of a general nature. For example process steps that are only run through after the measurement. The final thickness of the coating depends on various parameters, especially during drying or baking.

The influences described above lead to a systematic deviation of the measured value from the actual coating thickness, all of which can be compensated for with a customer-specific calibration – which we are happy to provide for you.

Commissioning – on-site support

Count on the support of our experienced engineers when commissioning your system. We would be happy to pass on detailed knowledge of our coating thickness testing systems and their components to you. You will work with our experts to ensure professional commissioning and carry out functional tests.


Our range of services also includes maintenance and functional testing, including the calibration certificate for the coating thickness gauges.

In addition, our service portfolio protects you over the entire life cycle of the measuring systems: We offer you calibration, maintenance and repair services in various service contracts. For you, this means predictable, low expenditure, together with the security of being able to operate at high performance levels at all times during the production process.

Contract measurement

Regardless of whether you are a novice when it comes to measurement, whether you have a wide variety of measurement tasks to be solved or whether you run a company that (as yet) rarely needs measurements: take advantage of the benefits of professional surface measurement for your own samples. Our experienced and exceptionally highly-trained employees will be happy to impart their knowledge on measurements and analyses – in the lab and on site.

Meanwhile, you can relax and put your personnel to better use in your core business. Whether it is a question of determining the current quality of coating on your system, measuring coating thickness when running in new systems or changing components, or collecting statistics on the coating of individual components – you can rely on our experts. Our high-precision surface measurements allow you to perfect your production quality – as a service precisely when you need it.

Leased equipment

As a manufacturer of photothermal coating thickness testing systems, we offer you a modern rental fleet of measuring devices that provides you with the perfect measuring device for your application – easily, fast and inexpensively. Choose directly from an extensive portfolio of high-quality measurement technology, for example, according to measured variables or device functions.

Clear Benefits

  • Expansion of automated quality controls
  • Cross-process analysis options
  • Parameters are precisely recorded, aggregated and documented as real-time data in the production process
  • Always the most modern equipment
  • Optimized processes that run „smoothly“
  • Targeted use of resources
  • On-site service upon request
  • Transparent costs for your budgeting

With OptiSense as your partner, you always have access to comprehensive and high-quality services that are invaluable for new developments, process optimization, quality control and failure analysis.